Monday, 17 September 2012

Art in Action Day at NPF

Mother Hen seemed like a good example of linocut technique to demonstrate.

I explain my lethal pin method of registration.

Printmakers of all types demonstrating their skills.
The most fascinating demonstration was Richard Horne with his Gocco machine! 

Mother Hen In Progress

I draw straight onto the lino and then cut away using a V gouge.

For the first colour layer I wanted to create the petrol shimmer of Betty's feathers. This greeny-blue will be overlaid
with darker colours leaving just a hint of the colour.

The first colour layer drying.

The second block of lino inked and ready to print.

The two first layers. The form is already starting to emerge.

The third layer is yellow. Normally I would print the lightest  colour first but for some
reason I didn't here. I needed to compensate and make the yellow translucent so as not to
obscure the colours already printed.

With the red of the wattle and comb added.

The final key block is added.