Monday, 8 April 2013

Two Pugs - the colour layers

After months of carving and laborious hand burnishing, the dogs began 
to emerge.  All that was needed now was to print the key block.
I was aiming to recreate the velvety fur texture by overlaying the brown 
and blue layers. This is where it really helped to have a perfect transfer of the 
key block on the lino to use as a guide. You can see the black pug 
transfered image on the left.

The first pull of the blue layer. Checking the mustard speckles coming 
through the blue textile pattern.

Layer 3. Dark duck egg/ slate grey for the black pug, brown pug's nose, face 
detailing and the textile pattern. After this I also added the brown pug's 
claws to the blue layer. The aforementioned wrapping paper, with which 
I initially transfered the key block,  is recycled here to make a perfect mask.

Layer 1. Cream for all the background except the black pug's fur. 
Layer 2. Mustard for the wood floor detail, the brown dog and the 
undercoat for the floral textile.

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