Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Printmakers in Action - Norwich Print Fair September 2014

Croft 2, is an 8 layer linocut inspired by last years stay at Kintra on the Isle of Mull.

Eight layers printed from separate lino blocks, displayed for the demonstration of Croft 2.

Adding the final layer of 50/50 Blue/Black Lawrence's oil based relief ink.

My new roller.

Beautiful window.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Norwich Print Fair September 2014

Hanging the 19th Norwich Print Fair, September 2014.

Through the arch.

Blickling in Autumn

Linocut carving of Blickling Hall in Norfolk. The key block.

Door detail, inked up.

Larger detail, inked up.

The first layer was a light cream. Here I'm adding the second layer, a faded dusty orange brick colour.

Layer three was a grey cross hatching between the oak leaves.
Here I am adding layer four, a colour somewhere between duck egg and slate.

Tower detail before the final layer.

Door detail with final layer, a blue-black blend.

The first print.

Blickling in the Autumn.